Severance Agreements

Severance agreements are often drafted by employers for employees who are terminated. The gist of the agreement is generally to pay employees a sum of money. In exchange, employees give up certain rights and claims they may have against the employer.

Joseph E. Maloney, Attorney at Law

Joseph E. Maloney, Attorney at Law, will review your severance agreement with you to be sure you understand what is being asked of you and what you are agreeing to. You may be giving up a viable legal claim for wrongful termination. If so, you want to be sure the severance package provides adequate compensation in exchange for giving up your right to litigation.

You do not want to take the risk that you signed an agreement that prevents you from working in your career field. A severance agreement may also prevent you from working for a company that is in competition with your former employer. Confidentiality clauses can be serious problems, too. There may be a term to the agreement that prevents you from collecting unemployment.

California Severance Agreements Lawyer

Before you sign any severance agreement, you should confer with an attorney who will review the document and advise you as to whether or not signing it is in your best interest. Attorney Joseph Maloney, a California severance agreements lawyer, spent decades working in employment law for the federal government. He started his own practice almost 10 years ago specifically to work on behalf of workers whose jobs are threatened by unfair employer conduct.

Mr. Maloney will review your severance agreement and answer your questions about it. He will assist you in negotiating a better agreement if such action seems warranted. He takes pride in helping working people exercise their rights and obtaining the compensation they rightfully deserve.


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